Safety Barriers

Vehicle Restraint Systems

We are able to offer fully qualified installation for the following vehicle restraint systems to National Highways Sector Scheme 2B:





  • Non-Proprietary Systems
  • Single Sided Open Box Beam
  • Double Sided Open Box Beam
  • Single Sided Tensioned Corrugated Beam
  • Double Sided Tensioned Corrugated Beam
  • Double Rail Open Box Beam
  • Rectangular Hollow Section Beam

 Proprietary Systems

  •  Hill & Smith Systems
  • Flexbeam Barrier System
  • Flexbeam Plus Barrier System
  • Flexguard Motorcycle Protection System
  • Brifen Wire Rope System
  • ABC P2, P3 and P4 Terminals
  • Euro ET P4 Terminal
  • Quadguard Crash Cushions
  • Quest Double Sided P4 Terminal
  •  Corus Systems
  •  Corus Vetex Barrier System
  • Corus CCB System
  • Corus Protect 365 System

 Highway Care Systems

  •  Xtension P4 terminals

Ferro Strada

Ferro Strada offer a wide range of Barriers and Parapets and specialise in High Containment. Please contact us to discuss their products. They also offer Timber  products which are highly popular in rural and environmentally important areas.